Medical Care & Management
Medical Care & Management is a service provided by Kelly, a Certified Veterinary Technician working in conjunction with your veterinarian.

This service is offered to the horse owner that is unable to provide daily medical care and/or aftercare management of their horse(s) following injury or illness. Post surgical and/or traumatic care, along with wound care and medication management services are available.

Aftercare is tailored to your horse's specific needs, veterinary instructions, as well as your schedule.

Case Study:
Iris - 17 year old TB/Arab Mare

Iris suffered a traumatic kick which resulted in an open fracture to P1 on her left hind leg. She had surgical repair of the fracture and fusion of P1 and P2 with surgical plates and screws. Her recovery involved daily bandage changes, Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy after her cast was removed.

After a few months, Iris' body rejected the surgical implants and she was sent to Tufts University for removal of the plates and screws, as well as debridement of damaged tissue. After her hospital stay, she was sent home on antibiotics, stomach protectants, and anti-inflammatory medication. She required daily sterile wet to dry bandage changes, stall rest and bi-weekly Massage Therapy sessions.

At this time, Iris is on supervised turnout, bi-monthly Massage sessions, and daily Physical Therapy. She still has daily bandage changes to keep the area clean and dry, as well as giving her some support.

Her owner has received the "okay" from both Iris' attending veterinarian and surgeon to start riding her at the walk.

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Iris' incision site before removal of surgical "hardware"
Medical Care for Iris involves daily bandage changes
Physical Therapy for Iris using active exercises Make your own website